Manager Essentials: Be Intentional to be Exceptional

Employees are often promoted to manager because they are highly competent at what they do, and organizations assume that these new leaders will continue to perform at the same level in the new role. It’s no surprise that 60% of new managers fail in their first two years! Organizations often fail to recognize and acknowledge the transition from individual contributor to managing others. HRD can help.

The pivotal transition from individual contributor to manager must involve the development of new competencies. To set new managers up for success, they must have the opportunity to explore and grow into these new skills. Simply put, new managers need the playbook for success. 


When asked what ONE word participants would use to describe their experience in Manager Essentials, they said: 

Transformational – Empowering – Collaborative – Thought-Provoking – Practical – Enlightening


Our Manager Essentials program is built on the Manager Success Wheel.


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We begin with self-exploration, then shift to relationship-building with team members, and progress to maximizing effectiveness by growing team members to get results. Training outcomes for the Manager Essentials series are vast, impactful and unique to each participating manager.

The program includes:

  • 6 months of development
  • 1 behavioral assessment
  • Monthly action plans and coaching
  • Accountability partnerships
  • Participant materials
  • Practical tools to use in maximizing your team



 Sessions include (each session is 3 hours):

  • Developing Your Leadership Mindset
  • Know Your Team
  • Leading Through Change
  • Coaching Through Conflict
  • Expectations & Accountability
  • Critical Thinking Skills & Decision Making
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 A Word From the Instructor:

I thrive on interactions with people and driving results. In my role as the Director of Talent Development, I get to focus on my two passions-people and results-all the time. Beginning my career with an undergraduate degree from James Madison University and graduate degree from the University of South Carolina, (English and adult education), I have spent the last 15 years developing leaders to drive business results. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead this session of Manager Essentials. This open enrollment class allows us to combine great content, a development process, and the power of networking from managers across many companies and industries.  Join us and see just how much you can grow in 6 months!

Amanda Areces - Director, Talent Development HRD Advisory Group